Eve Kodiak

A Practical Guide to Infant Reflexes, Songs and Movement Games for Children, Songs and Stories for Sensory Integration, Books with information on movement developmen, plus CD’s that choreograph the educational and healing movements in children’s songs & games. For parents, teachers, OT’s

878-4726 547-7802/cell
33 Foster Rd, Temple, NH 03084
Rick and Jackie Davis

Summer Day Camp for Ages 5-16, Teaching a Wide Variety of Circus Arts

Temple, NH 03084
Peter Allen

Tutoring in English, Reading and Math (elementary – 10th grade), Test prep Days/nights/weekends. Discount for Temple Residents.

Colburn Rd, Temple, NH 03084
Martin Connolly, Director

Conservation Education and Falconry Techniques

7 Hidden Meadows Farm Lane, Temple, NH 03084
Steve Lechner, Educational Consultant

Science Enrichment, Magic, Doll Tree Houses

Temple, NH 03084

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